Remove Quick access from File Explorer in Windows 10

Windows 10 Jun 28, 2021

Quick access is a default location in File Explorer, which helps users by listing links of the most frequently accessed files and folders. In this guide, I will go through the steps necessary to remove it from the navigation pane.

First of all, we need to give the local administrator full control over ShellFolder, allowing us to modify the registry keys located in this particular shell folder. To do so, open the Registry Editor and navigate to the following registry path.


right-click ShellFolder and select Permissions.

Click the Advanced button.

At the top of Advanced Security Settings, click Change in order to edit the ownership of the folder

Type Administrators. If the autocomplete doesn’t work click Advanced, then click the Find Now button, and from “search results” select “Administrators”, then click OK,

Inside ShellFolder, double-click Attributes, and change data value from a0100000 to a0600000, and click OK.


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