About me

Ever since I was a little kid, technology has been a fundamental part of my life. After studying Computer Science, my hunger and curiosity made me complete multiple college certifications at MIT and UCSD on Cloud Computing and C# programming.

After a yearly experience starting my own business and developing both websites and eCommerce for small-medium Italian companies, I started working as a software developer for consultancy and fintech companies like Docflow S.p.a, Barclays bank’s office in the Czech Republic, and the SSW’s office in Melbourne.

From 2018 to 2021, I have been working 100% remotely for Techedge Group S.p.a where he oversaw all the application development stages of both pre-existing and new projects, worked as a point of contact with multiple international clients in the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Europe, and trained new employees on topics like Azure, DevOps, and coding best practices. From 2021 I joined Microsoft as a Customer Engineer.

In addition to my work required duties, I am also an active member of the development community. I periodically write articles, reply to questions on StackOverflow, and conducting live workshops and keynotes for international audiences.

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